How to Save Your Marriage After an Affair

When I married my husband it was with the belief that nothing would ever come between us. I couldn’t even fathom, back then, that adultery would ever be something the two of us would have to face. It was. My husband cheated on me. I can tell you that in the instant I found out, it felt very much as though everything in my world came to a standstill. My life changed dramatically then and I knew I had some very difficult decisions to make.

Despite his betrayal and my overwhelming emotional pain, I knew that I still loved him. I couldn’t even entertain the idea of getting a divorce. To tell you the truth, I really couldn’t think that far ahead. I was still stuck in the moment – in the reality that the man I absolutely adored had an affair with another woman.

I knew that if I wanted to save my marriage, I had to be open to the idea of moving past his affair. I realized this very quickly. Although people all around me, notably my close friends and family members were telling me to dump him and find a better man, he was the man I wanted. Each time I looked into the faces of my children, I knew that I had to do whatever it took to rebuild my marriage.

Throughout all of this I felt that I was losing my grip. I was just so emotional, so overwrought with so many feelings. I had to find help to cope with what I was feeling and to get on the right track towards re-establishing trust and mutual adoration.

If your spouse has been unfaithful and you want to move past the affair and rebuild the marriage, there is guaranteed help for you. It was my savior – my marriage is now stronger than it’s ever been before and my husband is completely devoted to me.

What You Can Expect to Feel After the Affair


If you just recently discovered your spouse’s infidelity you already know that your emotions are at an all time high. You can go from feeling strong and in control to sitting in a puddle of your own tears within seconds. It’s hard to know what’s normal or natural to feel after you’ve been confronted with such deep emotional betrayal.

Here’s a short list of just some of the things you may be feeling:

Uncertainty. It’s incredibly difficult living in a situation in which you don’t know what’s around the corner. Even if you’ve made a conscious decision to save the marriage after the affair, if you haven’t taken any positive steps towards making that happen, nothing will change. The future of your relationship hangs in the balance and that’s a challenging position to be in.

Doubt. You desperately want to believe your spouse when they tell you that the affair is over and they won’t ever do it again. It’s hard to believe them in the days and weeks following the affair. It’s very normal and expected to have doubts. Don’t try and stifle them as they will eat away at you.

Sadness. The broken promises and the betrayed trust will send you straight into a state of mourning. Feel those feelings. It’s okay to cry and to feel the loss of the bond you thought was there with your spouse. Allow yourself the opportunity to grieve. It’s essential to do that.

Confusion. From where you’re sitting your marriage may have felt ideal and almost perfect. It obviously wasn’t that way for your spouse. If you didn’t recognize any warning signs that they were carrying on an affair, that can leave you feeling very confused and questioning your own insight into your partner.

It’s very important to recognize that each person’s experience is different once they discover their spouse has had an affair. Don’t try and push aside any feelings because you believe you shouldn’t be experiencing them. Embrace them.

You can move past all this pain and get your marriage back to the loving place it once was.

My Review of ‘How to Survive an Affair by Dr. Frank Gunzburg’

Your Guide to Saving Your Marriage


When I first found out about my spouse’s affair I believed that the marriage was headed straight for divorce. I realized that it wasn’t what I wanted though. Regardless of the emotional turmoil I was in I did recognize the fact that I loved my husband and wanted our marriage to move forward. I spent countless hours researching affair recovery online. I wanted to find anything that would give me direction on how to repair the marriage and rebuild the broken trust.

That’s when I found Dr. Frank Gunzburg. I stumbled across some articles written by Dr. Gunzburg about infidelity and I felt as though he was talking directly to me. I knew that he had the insight I needed to move past the painful hole I was in so I could have the marriage I really wanted again.

I bought Dr. Gunzburg’s system and studied it thoroughly. It was very different than the other information I had been reading. How to Survive an Affair explained in detail the seven steps that are absolutely crucial for effective communication. He even gave me suggestions for specific conversations I needed to have with my husband.

This system gave me all the tools I need to move past my husband’s infidelity so I could reclaim my marriage and transform it into the relationship of my dreams. It taught me what I needed to do to make certain that my marriage survived.

There are bonuses as well – these you shouldn’t ignore.

You’ll receive a free report entitled “What to Do if You’ve Been Cheated On – How to Pick Up the Pieces After You’ve Been Cheated On.” What I found so incredibly helpful about this is that it helps you uncover the real truth if you have doubts about whether your spouse has indeed ended the affair for good.

The other report is fundamentally important for the spouse who cheated. It’s called “How to Save Your Relationship if You’ve Cheated on Your Spouse: Seven Critical Actions You Must Take to Avoid the Devastation of a Break-Up or Divorce.”

If your marriage is important to you and keeping your family together is your main goal, you need the right help. You can move past the affair and rediscover a deeper love with your spouse than you ever thought possible. If you aren’t ready to give up on the relationship, use the system. It will change your marriage.

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